How To Use A Phone Psychic For A Plam Reading

What Does A Palm Reader See?

A palm reader looks at your hands and foresees your future the question is can this be done by a phone psychic? A phone psychic Psychic-Central Australia believes it is possible. How does she or he do this? Keep reading to find out everything, from which hand to read to what your lifeline really tells you. It’s probably not what you think.

Which Hand to Read?

A hotly debated topic is which hand is the better hand to read from. Some believe the left-hand shows an individual’s potential, past, what you are born with, what the gods gave you, should be read for women, or for left-handed people.

Others believe the right hand shows an individual’s personality, future, what you’ve made of what you have been born with, what you did with what the gods gave you, should be read for men, or for right-handed people.

Which hand is better? Truly, it depends on the experience and instinct of the palm reader but for the most part, a person’s dominant hand is the one that is read.

What Do They Look At?

Palm readers can also be called hand readers, palmists, chirologists or hand analysts. What do they look at? They look at the texture and shape of your fingers and hands. They also look at the patterns and lines in your hands and fingernails.

How Can a Palm Reading Be Helpful?

How can a palm reading be helpful? Reading these lines can show not only the way you are leading your life, but it can also show how you can live your life in the soon-to-be future. Who wouldn’t want a glimpse into the future?

Don’t roll your eyes. A lot of people want to know what possibilities may happen in their futures. Remember, we humans have free will. What is foretold may not come true. It’s only a possibility. No one really knows. A palm reading shows what’s written in your hands today, but you can influence how it plays out.

The Aspects of the Palms

There are various lines and mounts in the palms of your hands that can suggest different interpretations of your present and future life. How? By the qualities, sizes, shapes and intersections of these lines and mounts.

Let’s briefly look at mounts first. Before you can interpret the lines and any effects on your relationships, it is important to understand the underlying mounts (bumps). Your hand is divided into seven parts or mounts. Each part is related to a corresponding planet. The mounts in your hands are like records of how you deal with the influences of these planets and what your challenges will be.

Luna pertains to qualities of creativity, perception, sensory awareness and imagination. Venus reflects the absence or presence of qualities like kindness, harmony, charm, grace and love. It also reflects our sexual and physical health, beauty and sensuality.

There’s Mars negative and Mars positive. Mars negative stands for our physical energy. When our energy is not properly channeled and harnessed, it can lead to our becoming exhausted and then to aggression and anger. Mars positive stands for our mental strength. That includes persistence, endurance and a calm mental state.

With Saturn, the necessity to search within happens. It stands for co-ordination, wisdom and discernment. Jupiter is the awakening of our conscious mind. It stands for confidence, ambition, justice and leadership.

Mercury relates to our involvements in our world. It denotes spontaneity, intuition, and the ability to effortlessly communicate. The Sun represents our soul. Can our limitations be transcended? The Sun characters our integrity, success and charisma.

The Four Major Lines

Now let’s briefly explore the four major lines: heart, head, life and fate.

The heart line is believed to show romantic perspectives, emotional stability, cardiac health and depression. The head line represents your communication and learning styles, your thirst for knowledge and your intellectualism.

The life line reflects general well being, physical health and major changes in your life. Contrary to what you may have heard and believed, modern palmists do not associate it’s length with the length of your life. (That’s good to know.) Then there’s the fate line or the line of destiny. This line shows the degree in which your life is affected by external circumstances beyond your control.

The Shape of Your Hand

Palm readers also check out hand shapes which are believed to show character traits. For instance, a fire hand would show creativity, high energy, ambition, short temper. An earth hand would show solid energy and values, comfort with the tangible, practical and responsible.

An air hand can be spiteful, cold and shallow, comfortable with the intangible and the mental, talkative, witty and sociable. A water hand can be emotional, moody and inhibited, do things intuitively and quietly and be perceptive, sympathic and creative.

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