Mayfair Gardens


Designer District

For the sophisticated home decorator or art lover – you absolutely must browse the Designer District. It’s a 10 square block area of converted heritage warehouse buildings that now house showrooms of the most amazing decorators, artists, furniture designers and craftsmen. Tiles, hardware, accents, photography, paintings, textiles, Italian far-out furniture, one-ups, knock offs, one-betters, famous brands, unknown geniuses, unique sculptures, stuff you’ve never seen before, and stuff you’ll only see in magazines.

• Dining
Near Mayfair Gardens there are excellent restaurants and cafes in greater concentration than anywhere else on the east coast. You can literally eat in a different spot for every meal of your vacation if you chose to. Within walking distance, there are dozens of cafes, diners, gourmet and delivery pizza spots, sidewalk cafes and intimate extravagant fine dining to suit every mood and taste and budget. If you prefer to drive, you need only venture 10 to 20 minutes out and access even more choices, consisting of large specialty restaurants.

south beach condo rentalGet a delivery menu as they stay open late. Diner-style food. Upscale breakfast is at News Cafe (Versace’s favorite spot) at Ocean and 8th. Outdoor seating under the palms. The Cordozza further up the street is nice too, with the same menu. If stark views and a sense of temporal displacement appeals to you, try the TIDES for breakfast. Not cheap, but a certain feel that is unique makes it worthwhile.


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