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Top Stove Burner Adjustment

Use the following steps when adjusting standard gas stove valves. When the stove is being installed tin a natural gas system:

If the stove flame is set correctly, do not, adjust the stove flame length. If some adjustment is requires place a wrench on the orifice hood and turn it the proper flame is obtained for the high setting. Facing the stove, turn the stove hood to the right increase the flame and to the left to decrease the stove flame complete flame should be blue in color. The small cone to the center of the flame should be sharp in shape, green blue color, and about a-inch long.
When the stove is being installed on LP gas stove valves, use the following steps:
The stove valve is a three-position valve a definite flame setting for each position. If adjustment is required for the three-position proceed according to the following instructions.

1. HI position Turn the stove valve to the HI position adjusts as described above for the standard valve.
2. MED position No adjustment is necessary to MED position. The flame front this position should be inch above the burner cap.
3. LO position Turn the stove valve counter clock in the LO setting. Pull the knob off the valve stem and 2- cc the flame by turning the adjustment screw marked. Turn the screw clockwise to decrease counter clockwise to increase the flame size. The stove flame should barely be visible in a well-lighted room.

If the Stove Is Being Installed on LP Gas
Use the following steps
Tighten the stove orifice hood until it is snug. To observe the oven burner flame for adjustment necessary to remove the oven bottom panel.
Stove Electronic Ignition System
Use the following steps when adjusting the stove flame units.
The proper air adjustment must be made before stove burner flame length can be determined. The air shutter screw and to adjust the air shutter stove flame has distinct inner cones that do not blow away free the burner ports. The length of these cones is the flame length.

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