Solar X of the Palms Tinting

More and more people recognize Solar X of the Palms as convenience, practicality and protection given by tinted glass, so many order for window tinting. Tinted glass and home window tint have many advantages such as glare reduction, privacy during daytime, solar control, increased reflectivity, and an overall improvement on property value. Tinted car windows also provide the same benefits for safer and comfortable driving. Also, window tint bring about a modern and sleek feel on any building.

If installed proficiently, window tinted glass effectively diminishes the transmission of UV rays and visible light which in turn reduces heat transfer. Solar energy is being absorbed by specially designed solar window films while heat is being carried away from the house, building or vehicle by the air. With the help of glass tinting, your winters will be warmer and your summer will be cooler. Tinted glass for homes gets enough amount of natural light.

You may also have glass tinting for decorative purposes. Many commercial buildings have been installing frosted glass films on the entrances of their office and inner offices, in the same way we frequently did decorative home tinting. Frosted glass tints can be applied as a business logo or decorative patterns.


A Bit About The Application Of Glass Window Tint

Tinted window films can be applied unto almost all types of glass to transform windows either into high-performance glass or low-e tinted glass. Most of the times, thicker glass produces deeper tint shades. Tinted glass windows are susceptible to thermal breakage since it absorbs more direct sunlight. Many suggested installing toughened or heat-strengthened glass for window tinting.

The kid of window film we use on your home, office or car is all up to you. Window tint experts will be happy to offer you with the various options in glass tinting our company provides. Not all window films are built the similarly. The choice still depends on your needs. Will you prioritize privacy, security, solar protection and energy efficiency or comfort? We serve our customers by having high-quality tinting products from only the best manufacturers. Many exert their effort in completing your tinted glass windows in the soonest possible time. Nonetheless, we will never compromise quality of work.

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