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We had been waiting for this E3 2018 conference for a long time . Microsoft had left a virtually deserted catalog of novelties for the new course and those shown earlier were not enough to keep expectations high. We knew part of the answer to that situation would be the new Xbox One X but is it enough?

Answers like this have to be sought from the opinion, it is impossible to be exclusively objectives in front of a catalog of games and a technological proposal that we can like more or less each, and if we start from that base, I have clear that games like ‘Anthem’ or ‘Forza Motorsport 7’ have sold me the jump to Xbox One X .



The Xbox One X Revolution

The new Microsoft machine is one of those cucumbers that is difficult to leave behind, especially considering that those 499 euros that will go on sale aim to enjoy offers intended to retire our current Xbox One and take advantage of a short Although nice rebates.

We knew that it could happen if they were aggressive with prices and the machine proved to be worth the money, and having ‘Anthem’ on the screen, with the promise of better performance from Xbox One X , easily gets us the change through the gnome while we We open our mouths without too many problems.

But even though we all had that idea more or less clear, there was something more to be accountable with Microsoft . It’s here when we remember that phrase: “” I can not use a console more powerful if I still have the same four games, “” and it is here when it comes to solving that doubt.

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